Rattlesnake Ramble Trail Race Recap

Last Sunday,  we ran the Sasquatch Racing - Rattlesnake Ramble trail race in the hills of China Camp State Park in San Rafael, CA. This is our 3rd year running this race and the third time is a charm! This race has 5k, 10k and Half Marathon distances.  This year the Running Lushes ran the … Continue reading Rattlesnake Ramble Trail Race Recap

Race recap: Ragnar Tahoe Trail

The Running Lushes came and conquered Ragnar Tahoe Trail on July 20-21.  Like so many things, it did not go exactly as planned.  In some ways it exceeded our expectations, but it also included some tough spots for the team.  Read on for our recap of the race weekend including highlights and low spots. Our … Continue reading Race recap: Ragnar Tahoe Trail

Trail Running – Not Just For The HardCore

Time flies when you are having run!  We have been running and racing and wanted to share more ways to keep your running fun. Trail Running! Last year, we expanded our running repertoire from roads to trails. Trail running can be intimidating!  Pick up a copy of Trail Runner magazine, or look into some of … Continue reading Trail Running – Not Just For The HardCore

Trail Running – a different kind of animal

In 2017, The Running Lushes ran several trail races of various distances, including the the Rattlesnake Ramble 5k and 10k, Honey Badger 10k and Half Marathon, and Krampus Cross Country 10k (all Sasquatch Racing events) in the Bay Area.  While we are accomplished half marathon road race finishers, trail racing is fairly new in the … Continue reading Trail Running – a different kind of animal