Running Lushes Video Channel Launch

We did it now! We dove head-first into the deep end and started a Video Channel. We'll be discussing our favorite races, drinks and general running related topics.  We have some special guests lined up to share their tips as well.  Head on over to YouTube to subscribe to our channel so you won't miss a … Continue reading Running Lushes Video Channel Launch

Running Lushes – Weekly Run’d-Up

It was a great week of running and wanted to share some of the fun community run events we attended this past week! Check out our race calendar for upcoming races and events and join us! Check out the slideshow below to see how we conquered the Brazen Nitro Trail 10k & Half Marathon (1st place … Continue reading Running Lushes – Weekly Run’d-Up

Trail Running – Not Just For The HardCore

Time flies when you are having run!  We have been running and racing and wanted to share more ways to keep your running fun. Trail Running! Last year, we expanded our running repertoire from roads to trails. Trail running can be intimidating!  Pick up a copy of Trail Runner magazine, or look into some of … Continue reading Trail Running – Not Just For The HardCore