Best Bets for Summer Races

Summer. The time for BBQs, green grass, warm weather and race-cations! We are counting down our top picks in each category for great summer races.  Read on and grab one of our race discount codes so you can run with us and #spotthelush! The living is easy at these races. Here is why we love … Continue reading Best Bets for Summer Races

Running Lushes Video Channel Launch

We did it now! We dove head-first into the deep end and started a Video Channel. We'll be discussing our favorite races, drinks and general running related topics.  We have some special guests lined up to share their tips as well.  Head on over to YouTube to subscribe to our channel so you won't miss a … Continue reading Running Lushes Video Channel Launch

Best Post-Run Bloody Marys and Tator Tots

When your team name is "Running Lushes", you should know a thing or two about the post-run food and drinks.  We often plan the end of our runs to finish at bars that have Bloody Marys, sliders and tator tots.  Here are the top picks! Underdogs - The Taco Shop, San Francisco, CA - this sports … Continue reading Best Post-Run Bloody Marys and Tator Tots

Trail Running – a different kind of animal

In 2017, The Running Lushes ran several trail races of various distances, including the the Rattlesnake Ramble 5k and 10k, Honey Badger 10k and Half Marathon, and Krampus Cross Country 10k (all Sasquatch Racing events) in the Bay Area.  While we are accomplished half marathon road race finishers, trail racing is fairly new in the … Continue reading Trail Running – a different kind of animal

A Running Playlist for the Holidays

The weather outside may be frightful and the fire very delightful, but we have races to run! Don't let the end of season and cold weather stop you from keeping your training going. Get in the holiday spirit and keep motivated with this holiday playlist!  There are some classics and some unexpected ones that made … Continue reading A Running Playlist for the Holidays