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Interested in the Lushy Arts?

Inclusivity is a state of being in the Running Lushes global community. We are a fun team of social runners encouraging and celebrating our members within our communities every step along the way.

Becoming an official “Running Lush” is easy and we only have a few requirements with the most important below:

  • Buy a founder a round.
  • Participate two races per year in your Lush Gear preferably with other lushes
  • Log your races in our member portal
  • Be a nice person, be social and support other Running Lushes

We have perks for our super dedicated members, too. If this sounds like a good fit, tell us who you are to get started.

Secret agent, eh? How can you be social without a name?
Trying to be all secretive? We need to know who you are.
We really need to know how to contact you.

We never, ever sell or give away your information. Your name and email is used only for team newsletters and communications. By continuing, you are OK with us emailing you about your membership.
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Sharing your social media profiles with us is optional, but recommended. We are a social organization, after all! As always, we do not share or sell your information.
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