Each month, we honor a Running Lush as our Lush of the Month. Join us in honoring Lush Ashley from McKinney, TX as our February 2021 Lush of the Month.
What is your favorite race distance and why?
I’d have to say probably the half marathon. While I don’t do as many as I used to, I love that I still find it a challenging distance even though I’ve done so many. But I’ll never say no to a 10/15k either!
Do you have any running superstitions or rituals?
When we were doing in-person races, I always enjoyed setting everything out the night before and having some coffee in morning before I left. Now I kind of feel like I just get up and go.
What is your favorite race and why?
I absolutely loved the Disneyland half marathon, I did it three years in a row. It was so awesome to be able to run through the parks and take pictures with the characters along the course (the Disney kid in me was mesmerized!)
What is your perfect dream race?
I’d love to go back to Greece one day so maybe a race there. Otherwise I’d love to try one in Alaska or Iceland when it doesn’t get dark at night!
Do you have an embarrassing race moment?
Thankfully no! *knock on wood*
What's your most proud running moment?
Completing the Run the One 500 mile challenge was such a big achievement for me. Being consistent in running and walking everyday in the Texas heat was tough and I thought I wouldn’t even make 400. It was humbling and motivating to watch my little dot slowly make its way up the coast!
What do you like to do when you're not running?
When I’m not chasing my almost-2yr-old around, I like watching tv, reading, crossword puzzles, catching up with friends/family however I can, and eating. I really like eating.
What's your favorite post-race drink?
MIMOSAS! And an IPA if it’s warm out. I also love a rye whiskey night cap.


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