Each month, we honor a Running Lush as our Lush of the Month. Join us in honoring Lush Hans from Ventura, CA as our July 2020 Lush of the Month.
What is your favorite race distance and why?
I would say my favorite distance is the half marathon. It’s long enough to meet lots of people, but short enough that everyone can try it.
Do you have any running superstitions or rituals?
My ‘ritual’ is to find 5 or more people during the race to talk to and find out why they are doing the race. I also try to be the reason someone finishes their first race.
What is your favorite race and why?
My favorite race Rock n Roll Las Vegas ( it’s just a party ) Rock n Roll San Diego is a close second. ( mile 4 ) I have to say that the Disney Paris race was pretty cool, just the location.
What's your most proud running moment?
Crossing the line in the Rock n Roll LA race and having another runner come up to me crying because I helped her cross the line.
What's your favorite post-race drink?
I like my screwdrivers.


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