Do you get paid to recommend products, races or websites*?

We wish! No, the content on this website is our own original content and opinions. We do not get paid for our opinions. In the event that we are compensated, we will indicate it in the article.

*Note: If this is a running/spirits company reading this, we are open to sponsors and will totally write nice things about you.

Are you doctors or medical professionals?

No! Please consult your own doctor before starting any fitness activity or trying any product listed on this site. These are personal opinions that may not work for you, your skin, your own issues.  You have to take personal responsibility for yourself.

How do I become a Running Lush?

It is super easy!

  1. Get a Running Lushes shirt
  2. Fill out the membership form to be added to the roster
  3. Buy a founder a round.
  4. Find a race to participate with another Running Lush at least 2x year
  5. Follow Running Lushes on social channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, this Website) and post race pictures and tag @runninglushes,  #runninglushes #spotthelush (and other fun tags)
  6. Stay active in the Running Lushes community channels so we can celebrate each other’s successes and meet up at races!

How can I get a shirt or hat?

We currently have men’s and women’s t-shirt sizes in stock and trucker and running hats. Shop our online store.  Check back ofter as more items will be added soon!

Can I be a Running Lush and also belong to another running group?

Absolutely!  We support the running community as a whole.  We just ask you wear the Running Lush shirt proudly at races when appropriate.

Do I have to drink alcohol to be a Running Lush?

No! Running Lushes are also lushes for running and fitness.  We have a Running Slushie Chapter for non-drinkers and kids!

Is the Running Lushes exclusive to women?

Heck no! We are open to everyone.

Are you run coaches and do you offer training?

Ha ha, no. That is funny.  We are a group of people who like to run and have fun while running and/or when not running.  We meet up for races, long runs and if timing is right, for mid-week runs to support each other for our running goals.  We aren’t coaches, but we will certainly give you unsolicited advice and unscientifically based information about running and training for a race…anything to get you into your running shoes and on a run.  We do offer the exclusivity of being called a “Running Lush”.