The Rattlesnake Ramble

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China Camp State Park, San Rafael, CA
Sunday, February 28, 2021
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LUSH5 ($5 off; limit 10 uses)
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To be clear, the ‘LIVE’ experience is NOT a race. It is NOT an event. It is NOT a ‘running group’. What we’re doing is a physically distanced, safe, outdoor, SOLO, trail running experience. We know this is a mouthful. But, it’s important to have clarity around what the ‘LIVE‘ experience entails. Here’s how it works…. Sign up for The Rattlesnake Ramble 5K/10K/Half (LIVE). Show up at China Camp State Park in Santa Venetia SOLO anytime between 8AM-1PM on Sun, 2/28. Run the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon course on your own (we’ll provide Strava course maps, TBT directions, and a RunGo course map with audio cues). Make sure you complete your run no later than 1PM. Conquer the Ramble and swing by the post run rendezvous point (TBD-it will be within 1/2 a mile of China Camp State Park), grab your swag, and grab a delicious, chilled, post run beer (from Standard Deviant Brewing Company). If beer isn’t your thing, we’ll also have Hint Winter and Athletic Brewing Company non-alcoholic beer for you. DONE!

5k/10k/Half Marathon - Sunday, February 28, 2021

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