Race Planning for Runners 2019

If you're like us, there were races you've read about or your friends ran and you're thinking, "I REALLY want to run that race next year!".  For the past few weeks, the Running Lushes have been in planning mode for our 2019 race year, and we want to share our secrets for planning a good … Continue reading Race Planning for Runners 2019

Run Local 408 Miles of Murals Run

This past Wednesday, the Running Lushes participated in the Run Local 408 "Miles of Murals Run". Run Local 408 is a new running crew from Represent Running/San Jose 408k that will be hosting free runs every Wednesday at 6pm throughout San Jose.  The kickoff was a great tour of the murals in downtown San Jose. The … Continue reading Run Local 408 Miles of Murals Run

Cross Training in the Karate Dojo

Many of us runners follow training plans that include "rest or cross train" on certain days of the week; however, we may be more inclined to "rest" than "cross train" with other activities on a consistent basis.  But cross training is critical for runners to aid in muscle recovery, and it can also improve cardiovascular … Continue reading Cross Training in the Karate Dojo

Race recap: Ragnar Tahoe Trail

The Running Lushes came and conquered Ragnar Tahoe Trail on July 20-21.  Like so many things, it did not go exactly as planned.  In some ways it exceeded our expectations, but it also included some tough spots for the team.  Read on for our recap of the race weekend including highlights and low spots. Our … Continue reading Race recap: Ragnar Tahoe Trail

Santa Rosa Marathon Race

The Santa Rosa Marathon in late August holds a special place on the medal hook for the Running Lushes.  It is one of our signature team races and we are proud to to be ambassadors as we feel strongly about the mission and quality of this race. This year's race was the 10th Year Anniversary and … Continue reading Santa Rosa Marathon Race

Race Spotlight – The Santa Rosa Marathon

Looking for an incredibly fun late summer race?  We are featuring one of our favorites and one of the our signature races, The Santa Rosa Marathon on August 25-26th!  In the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning...Santa Rosa Marathon, how do we love thee?  Let us count the ways. 1. Flat, fast and very scenic course through … Continue reading Race Spotlight – The Santa Rosa Marathon

Running Lushes – Weekly Run’d-Up

It was a great week of running and wanted to share some of the fun community run events we attended this past week! Check out our race calendar for upcoming races and events and join us! Check out the slideshow below to see how we conquered the Brazen Nitro Trail 10k & Half Marathon (1st place … Continue reading Running Lushes – Weekly Run’d-Up

How to Thank your #motherrunner on Mother’s Day

If you are like us, Mother's Day has totally snuck up on you this year and you are frantically trying to decide between the edible bouquet or just go with the homemade cards your kids made.  Don't do it!  Try one of these instead and be the #gifthero! 1. We may be moms, but we … Continue reading How to Thank your #motherrunner on Mother’s Day

Represent Running Inaugural Silicon Valley Half Marathon

The Running Lushes joined forces with Represent Running last year and really respected their mission of bringing the "local" back to Bay Area races.  After running the 408k, we had high expectations for this past weekend's inaugural Silicon Valley Half Marathon and Food Truck 5k race festival.  It did not disappoint! Buckle your seat belt … Continue reading Represent Running Inaugural Silicon Valley Half Marathon