Best Bets for Summer Races

Summer. The time for BBQs, green grass, warm weather and race-cations! We are counting down our top picks in each category for great summer races.  Read on and grab one of our race discount codes so you can run with us and #spotthelush! The living is easy at these races. Here is why we love … Continue reading Best Bets for Summer Races


Running Lushes Video Channel Launch

We did it now! We dove head-first into the deep end and started a Video Channel. We'll be discussing our favorite races, drinks and general running related topics.  We have some special guests lined up to share their tips as well.  Head on over to YouTube to subscribe to our channel so you won't miss a … Continue reading Running Lushes Video Channel Launch

Rattlesnake Ramble Trail Race Recap

Last Sunday,  we ran the Sasquatch Racing - Rattlesnake Ramble trail race in the hills of China Camp State Park in San Rafael, CA. This is our 3rd year running this race and the third time is a charm! This race has 5k, 10k and Half Marathon distances.  This year the Running Lushes ran the … Continue reading Rattlesnake Ramble Trail Race Recap

San Jose Shamrock Run – Race Spotlight

There is a great new race by Represent Running (the same folks that bring you 408k, 415k Across the Bay, Silicon Valley Half and East Bay 510k) going down on March 17, 2019.  The first annual Shamrock Run in San Jose is a family friendly 5k, 10k and kids race with a mostly flat course … Continue reading San Jose Shamrock Run – Race Spotlight

2019 Decathlon Represent Running Ambassadors

We are beyond excited to be joining the 2019 Decathlon Represent Running team again in 2019!  Join us for this amazing series of races in the Bay Area! Decathlon USA and Represent Running have partnered up to bring you the best gear and races to the bay area this year. Read more about this on … Continue reading 2019 Decathlon Represent Running Ambassadors

Race Planning for Runners 2019

If you're like us, there were races you've read about or your friends ran and you're thinking, "I REALLY want to run that race next year!".  For the past few weeks, the Running Lushes have been in planning mode for our 2019 race year, and we want to share our secrets for planning a good … Continue reading Race Planning for Runners 2019

Run Local 408 Miles of Murals Run

This past Wednesday, the Running Lushes participated in the Run Local 408 "Miles of Murals Run". Run Local 408 is a new running crew from Represent Running/San Jose 408k that will be hosting free runs every Wednesday at 6pm throughout San Jose.  The kickoff was a great tour of the murals in downtown San Jose. The … Continue reading Run Local 408 Miles of Murals Run

Cross Training in the Karate Dojo

Many of us runners follow training plans that include "rest or cross train" on certain days of the week; however, we may be more inclined to "rest" than "cross train" with other activities on a consistent basis.  But cross training is critical for runners to aid in muscle recovery, and it can also improve cardiovascular … Continue reading Cross Training in the Karate Dojo