We are the Running Lushes

Connecting runners one mile, race and drink at a time!
Who we are

We're a running joke. We run, we drink, we live!

The Running Lushes was founded in San Francisco, California in 2017 by Lushes Miina, Layne and Kat. The movement quickly took off and we now have members worldwide. We are a social racing team for all runners (and walkers) all fitness levels and distances. We run road, trail and relay races (really pretty much any race). Our goal is to connect team members at races and make racing fun through both fitness and social events. We have a kids chapter and a non-drinking chapter called the Running Slushies too!

Team Member Requirements

Since we are a racing team for all runners, our requirements are minimal. You may also be a member of (or affiliated with or ambassador for) another running group which is totally fine. To be considered a member of the Running Lushes team:

  1. Get a Running Lushes Team Shirt (or for non-drinking members, Running Slushies) and wear it when the fancy strikes!
  2. Buy a founder a round. This doesn’t have to be immediate but we eventually like to meet everyone in person!
  3. Participate in at least 2 races or event per member year preferably with a fellow Running Lushes team member.
    1. Wear your Running Lushes shirt
    2. Attend the post-race social meet-up (most likely at a bar, duh!)
    3. Post a picture on social media and tag us (see social media section for tags)
  4. Log your events in our member portal.
  5. Be nice, be social, be supportive

Optional, but encouraged

  1. Follow us and/or post your Running Lushes adventures on social media. Be sure to tag @runninglushes when posting, so we can re-post you and cheer you!
  2. For any race with a team opt-in, affiliate with the Running Lushes team.