Ten things to love about the Across the Bay 12k

A little while ago, we wrote about some good candidates for your summer race lineup (Best Bets for Summer Races). We have now had a chance to run a few and wanted to share our experience on one of the featured races —  the Across the Bay 12k.

The Across the Bay 12k is a great race that takes place in San Francisco around the middle July.  When most of the country is suffering from high temps and heat waves, the bay area stays cool and foggy so it is a perfect option for a destination race. That is number 1 on our top ten reasons to love this race.

Across the Bay Top 10

  1. The Weather – San Francisco weather is cool 50s-60s almost all year round. We have foggy season (summer) and rainy season (winter). This race is in foggy season and is a nice relief from the heat that you find in other parts of the country. Most years the fog burns off to give you beautiful sweeping views of the bay.  Even if Karl sticks around like this year, it is still perfect running weather! 

  2. Golden Gate Bridge – there is something appealing about running over bridges –small bridges over creeks, old iron ones across rivers or even modern ones in big cities. However, running over the most iconic and most photographed bridge in the world is magical!  People come from all around the globe to see this bridge and you get to to RUN across it. It is surprisingly hilly as it is a suspension bridge but being on it (especially when the sun is out) makes you feel like you can fly. Which brings us to #3 on the list… 

  3. The Scenery – If you wanted to get a history lesson or sightseeing done while you are in San Francisco, this is a great way to do it. Here are a few things you will see when you run the Across the Bay 12k or the 5k:  Aquatic Park, Hyde Street Pier, Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Fort Baker, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin Headlands, the Bay, the Pacific Ocean, the plunging cliffs of the bay area coastline, Alcatraz, sailboats, Terns, Egrets, Herons, Sea Lions, Fort Point, Hoppers Hands, Historic Presidio, Crissy Field, the Marina, Fort Mason, historic ships, Cable Cars and crazy people swimming among other things. 

  4. Distance – We love that this is a 12k distance; not too long and not too short. It is a great training run for an upcoming half marathon or a good way to push yourself if you have already conquered a 10k. There is also a scenic 5k so no excuses! And if your training plan calls for a longer run, you can run to the start and make it a 24k! 

  5. Point to Point Course – Sometimes we don’t want to do an out and back course because maybe we don’t need to cover the same terrain twice.  Loop courses are a good way to avoid that, but that isn’t always possible.  In the case where a race includes a bridge, for example, a loop isn’t possible.  And with the Across the Bay 12k, by doing a point to point course, you’re able to cover more ground and see more of the amazing scenery as listed in #3 above.  The shuttles used to get runners to the start are efficient and the drive is just a short 7 miles away.
  6. Swag – When running a race, the swag is a big part of the appeal.  Otherwise, we would just be running by ourselves!  Represent Running puts a lot of thought into the swag they provide at all of their races.  Across the Bay 12k and 5k participants get a nicely designed technical T finisher shirt, a nice medal and a free backpack from Decathlon. 

  7. People  – A race is more fun when you run with friends! We love that this distance and course is accessible to everyone. It also has great volunteers and if that is not enough, you get the Sports Basement Furries cheering you on! 

  8. Charity – You can feel good when you sign up for this race as part of the proceeds go to the Edgewood Center for Children and Families. Edgewood is able to help thousands of children, youth, and their families each year who are struggling with mental health challenges, achieve their potential.
  9. Free Race Photos – Who wants to pay for race photos?  Enough said.img_6274
  10. Irish Coffee  – The Finish Line ends in Aquatic Park / Ghirardelli Square which is home to the Buena Vista Cafe which is known for its famous Irish Coffee. It is a great post race celebration!

And 11. Bonus reason is Bonus Medal!  When you run the Run the Bay series (408k, Across the Bay 12k or 415k, and the East Bay 510k, you’ll earn the Run the Bay Challenge Medal!

We had a blast at this year’s race and are really lucky to have the bay as our backyard.  The East Bay 510k just opened for registration so join us for this last race in the series!

Buena Vista Cafe Irish Coffee

Fill glass with very hot water to warm, then empty

Fill glass 3/4 full with hot black coffee

Add two sugar cubes, stirring until dissolved

Add 1 1/3 oz Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey

Top with a collar of whipped heavy whipping cream, pouring over with a spoon

Serve and enjoy hot

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