2019 Decathlon Represent Running Ambassadors

We are beyond excited to be joining the 2019 Decathlon Represent Running team again in 2019!  Join us for this amazing series of races in the Bay Area!48368239_10158412107454466_8953038570382163968_n

Decathlon USA and Represent Running have partnered up to bring you the best gear and races to the bay area this year. Read more about this on the Decathlon blog here and below for some key race dates and discount information!

  • Feb 3 – We are starting off 2019 in San Jose for the 8k in the “408” benefiting the Pat Tillman Foundation. Run 4018k Race to the Row and experience the famous Mariachi Mile. It is very fast and family friendly so perfect to get your run in before the big Super Bowl game! 

  • March 17 – We go green and don your Irish accent for the Inaugural San Jose Shamrock 5k and /10k on St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t forget the Kids Run too.


  • April 28 – Join us running the 2nd annual Silicon Valley Half Marathon and Food Truck 5k in downtown San Jose. We had perfect weather last year and it was super chill to hang out on the green and listen to the band play. Not to mention those awesome medals!  We cannot promise the weather, but it will be a good time! 

  • July 14 – Run the amazing and beautiful point to point Across the Bay 12k from Sausalito to San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. This is Lush Layne’s favorite race in San Francisco and where she picked up her new favorite hat!


  • October – Wrap up the year with us at the East Bay 510k. This is a gorgeous course with views of San Francisco and the bay.  It features both a 5k and 10k and is the last series in the Run the Bay Challenge!


There are fantastic challenge medals and swag which you will not want to miss out on!

Don’t forget to use code RepresentLUSH for discounts on all races and all distances!  Remote Runner options are available as well.  Let us know in the comments at which race we’ll see you!

Decathlon Celebration Cocktail

2oz Tequila
4oz Grapefruit Juice
Pinch of sea salt

Pour Tequila and Grapefruit juice lowball filled 2/3rds with crushed ice. Add pinch of salt and stir lightly. Garnish with orange slice.

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