Run Local 408 Miles of Murals Run

This past Wednesday, the Running Lushes participated in the Run Local 408 “Miles of Murals Run”. Run Local 408 is a new running crew from Represent Running/San Jose 408k that will be hosting free runs every Wednesday at 6pm throughout San Jose.  The kickoff was a great tour of the murals in downtown San Jose.

The run was in partnership with the San Jose Museum of Art and the “New Terrains: Mobility & Migration” Exhibit and we got a surprise visit from Juan Carlos Araujo from Empire Seven Studios who gave us the history of the Sophie Cruz mural, the San Jose Children’s Museum portico and other murals we were going to see.

From the Murals,  to the fellow runners, to the energy of the Shark’s fan we encountered going to the game, this was a great way to experience San Jose and great example of #runlocal

Enjoy the snaps that we took along the course and join Run Local 408 crew this Wednesday 10/10 6pm at Whole Foods Market on Alameda, San Jose, CA for History, Statue and Mural tour of why San Jose was once known for its track and field talent!  See  The 408k Facebook page for more information.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

photo cred: @argylegecko and @lm3js


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