How to Thank your #motherrunner on Mother’s Day

If you are like us, Mother’s Day has totally snuck up on you this year and you are frantically trying to decide between the edible bouquet or just go with the homemade cards your kids made.  Don’t do it!  Try one of these instead and be the #gifthero!

1. We may be moms, but we still want to look cute on the runs.  A running skirt says “you may have stretch marks, but you still got it, babe!”  Get flirty and fun with Sparkle Skirts! We also like Athleta for all the pockets!  They are flattering and fun. img_1633-1

2. Right up there with a spa day, compression socks give your feet a massage while running 26.2.  Ok, not really, but they definitely help with recovery and fatigue.  They also complete the running outfit.  ProCompression has great choices for colors and patterns. Pick one that matches something in her running wardrobe. Shouldn’t be hard!

3. For the young moms, the rage in running right now are Goodr sunglasses. If you want to show you are ‘in the know’, pick up a pair that matches her personality. She’ll be styling and you will stay out of the dog house!

4. Did your super woman just run or is training for a marathon or half marathon? Did you fall in love or name your child after a race destination? If so, make her cry by commemorating the moment with some sport jewelry.  We are big fans of Scott James Sport Jewelryimg_1801

5. She’s your ex, but still the mother of your child?  Not to worry, there are gift suggestions here too!  Nothing says, thanks for being a great mom like new running socks.  Thoughtful, yet understated.  Our current favorite sock brand is Balega. We like the silver line for the extra cushion and odor free properties!

6. Moms don’t get a lot of free/me time.  Show her that she is #1 by booking a “racecation”.  The Santa Rosa Marathon race in wine country is a perfect getaway (marathon, 1/2 marathon, 5k or 10k distances). Or, if your littles prevent you from traveling too far, check out Represent Running 415k Across the Bay 12k and 5k or East Bay 510k. Use code RepresentLUSH for a discount on the 415k or 510k and code LUSH25 gets your $25 off the Santa Rosa 1/2 or Full marathon distances.

7. Last but not least, share her accomplishments by displaying her medals proudly! We love Sport Hooks. They are going to do a custom Running Lushes hook for us and can hook you up too — ha ha get it?img_1815

We are mothers and are grateful to have the support of our families to be able to train, and race local and destination races.  If we are being truthful though, sometimes we are running away!  But trust us on this, forget the flowers and put out the running socks!

Oh, and don’t forget the cocktail!

Dirty Mother (its the Running Lushes after all) Cocktail Recipe


How to mix

Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Boom!

2 thoughts on “How to Thank your #motherrunner on Mother’s Day

  1. Maybe you guys should make a minor name change! You know maybe from “Running Lushes” to “Lushes Running”! What do you think?

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