Represent Running Inaugural Silicon Valley Half Marathon

The Running Lushes joined forces with Represent Running last year and really respected their mission of bringing the “local” back to Bay Area races.  After running the 408k, we had high expectations for this past weekend’s inaugural Silicon Valley Half Marathon and Food Truck 5k race festival.  It did not disappoint! Buckle your seat belt folks, you are in for a whole new race experience!  Continue reading to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly as well as find out who gets the Running Lushes Instagram giveaway!

The weekend included a Food Truck Festival, 5k race, kids race, and 10k and Half Marathon distances.  While many races are promoting multiple distances with associated extra medals, Represent Running’s Silicon Valley weekend was truly unique. Before we get into the details, take a quick look at the video @bomborafilms produced (see if you can spot the Running Lushes):


As you can see, the weather was amazing for the weekend. This, combined with the pre-race and finisher zone festivals which included live music, food trucks, beer and wine tents and sponsor and vendor tents, helped raise that local, community atmosphere.  Read below for our other highlights from the races:

5k and Kids Run on Saturday afternoon

Overall, this was a really fast and fun 5k.  We enjoyed the 3pm start time as it gave us time to travel and enjoy the evening.  The “expo’ was also the start and finish line festival so it was easy to find and orient ourselves.  The bib and swag pickup were well organized and it was nice chatting with vendors as we made our way around the grounds.  More about the swag later!

Start Line:

It was a casual vibe at the start line where we chatted with other runners as we were preparing to start. The rage in running these days is Goodr sunglasses and there were lots of selfies arranged around the glasses.  We don’t wear them so can’t comment, but this is part of the running community…learning about the latest gear.



The race started with the starting horn and the runners raced out of the chute chasing an Ice cream treat truck!  As it barreled around the first turn, we lost sight of it and the course proceeded to follow the trail in the Guadalupe River Park.  This is a bit of an oasis trail right in downtown San Jose.  And the race literally had the happiest volunteers cheering on the runners and a nice water stop half way through.

Finisher Zone:

The finisher zone was fantastic, mostly because of the food truck festival.  But there were many great vendors there, including Zico coconut water, The Santa Rosa Marathon, and many more!

One of the things we greatly appreciated was Lululemon’s sponsorship and their handing out bags for runners to carry their water bottles, protein bars, and other goodies provided at the finish line.  If there is one thing we don’t like, is having our arms full of stuff and no place to carry it.  Thank you Lululemon!  Now, let’s talk swag!  The 5k t-shirt and medals are fantastic. The shirt is super soft fabric, true to size and the medal was a very cute food truck theme. If you ran the 408k, you also received the Silicon Valley Challenge medal!


Half Marathon and 10k

Start Line:

The Running Lushes by definition are not early risers.  This race had a nice 8am start time.  The race partnered with the Fairmont hotel which was fairly close to the start line so we were able to easily walk there. The bag check was easy and unique. The truck had lockers in it so they gave you a key and you walked in the truck and put your items in a locker.  Very easy.  Afterwards, there was plenty of time to find and snap pics with all of our local runner friends and get pumped up with the music.



The course was new to us and had some interesting features. We ran through the historic San Jose State area, the cute San Pedro square, past the Shark Tank, on the highway overpass and over to the airport where a Southwest jet almost landed on us.  It was a winding course with a few out and back segments.  As per usual in San Jose, the locals came out in full force to support and there were a few bands playing along the way.  The volunteers were ready at all the aid stations and cheered loudly. One standout of this race was the enthusiastic pacers. They really made the race fun!

Finisher Zone:

At the end of the course, we turned a corner and the finish line was a welcome sight!  It was great hearing the announcer call your name as you went over the mat.  The volunteers were ready with medals, water, and various snacks and a Lululemon bag to put all your swag in.  Speaking of, the medals were gigantic and because we had run multiple races, we were loaded up and clinking as we walked around.   The finish zone festival was set in the same place as the 5k finish and featured wine and beer (we got a coupon for a free one), a live band, multiple picture stations from Amazon and Represent Running.  It was a picture perfect day and we stayed a while celebrating with all the other finishers.


We give this 5k and 1/2 marathon a solid A score and are very excited to see how it progresses next year.  Represent Running outdid themselves with the swag – 4 huge medals for the races/bonus medals, a nice gym bag, super soft t-shirt for the 5k and a 1/2 zip pullover for the Half Marathon.  This combined with the festival vibe and flat, fast course makes it a race worth considering in your lineup.  You can also read more from trainwithbain.

Next up from Represent Running is the 415k Across the Bay. We hope to see you there!


Now after your sticking with us all thew way through the recap, we’re announcing the recipient of the IG giveaway. Drumroll please…

It’s Heidi @hruscher!  Heidi, we’ll be reaching out for mailing details! Thanks for snapping us!


Inaugural Cocktail Recipe

This is a little something we cooked up to celebrate the first Silicon Valley 1/2 Marathon.

1-2 oz vodka
1-2oz pineapple juice
1/2 oz champagne
fresh squeezed lime juice (1 or 2 wedges)

Combine vodka, pineapple juice and lime juice in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and pour into chilled martini glass.  Top with Champagne until just covered.


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