Is Your Running Fun?

Like many people do with the arrival of a new year, the Running Lushes have been self-reflecting and taking stock of running goals and motivation.  One thing that we hear quite often from our followers, is that we look like we are always having fun.  Not only is this true, but we realized “Running Fun” is a core value for us and keeps us engaged.

In this blog series, we will guide you through how we put the fun back in running and help you to bring more excitement to your own running life. 

Part 1.

One of things that makes running fun for us is RACING. While hitting a personal running goal may be a factor in planning for a race, the truth is racing is just. plain. fun. Lush Kat had the opportunity to run the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon with her son and it reinforced all the things we love about running races:

1. Expo and bib pickup: While the KP SF Half mails bibs to your home in lieu of an expo, many of the larger races have an expo where you pick up your bib and t-shirt, and visit all the vendors with their various running products. We love sampling new products and visiting our favorites at race expos. And we almost always end up signing up for at least one additional race there. Other races are well represented and offer good discounts and swag if you sign up there. Plus, you never know when you may run into an “elite”


2. Start line excitement: There is the nervous energy at the start line as runners do their final stretches, give each other pep talks, and get mentally prepared for the race.
3. Course volunteers and spectators: There is nothing better than being cheered on by race volunteers and spectators who genuinely want you to succeed! The Running Lushes have custom race shirts with our names on the back, and there are always people who cheer us on by name. And many spectators have signs, many of which are hilarious!


4. Medals: Finisher medals just keep getting better and better. The medal from last weekend has a whale that moves across the ocean (so cool!). Some people just put their medals in a shoe box, while others hang them prominently on hooks. We love our medals with all the unique and colorful designs and hang them proudly on hooks — we worked hard for those!


5. T-shirts: We absolutely LOVE getting a new running t-shirt from a race. It doesn’t matter that we already have too many to actually wear them all, we love getting a new one. And if you run year-round, you can get a nice variety of long sleeve and short sleeve shirts.


6. Finish line expo: Hanging out at the end of a race is one of our favorite things to do. We always plan to spend time at the end and hydrate, eat snacks, have a beer and see other friends who have run the race. It is a moment to bask in the glow of that achievement with others who can empathize and understand the variety of feelings that one might have. Whether it was a great race or PR, or a challenging or disappointing race, or even DNF, the running community is great for support.


7. Post-Race Celebration:  Let us just start out by saying the name Running Lushes should indicate one of the most fun ways we like to celebrate after a race.  We research locations and customer reviews for the best Bloody Marys and tater tots in the geographic area of the race and plan our day to include post race celebration with food and drink!  We like to wear our new race finisher t-shirt and medal into the bar or restaurant and brag to folks about how we’ve spent our morning!


Sound like a good time and tempting to you? Spice up your run and signup for a race! It can be a 1 miler, a 5k or any distance. Share this with a friend and drag him/her along with you.  Which one of you will be running fun soon? Comment below to let us know which race you are signed up for? Or take a look at our race calendar and join us!   After your race, come back for Part 2 on how to maintain.

Happy Racing Recipe

A boozy version of a Shirley Temple that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face

2 oz Gin
6 oz Ginger ale
splash of grenadine
splash of lime juice
Shake and pour in a lowball over ice. Garnish with maraschino cherry and lime wedge.

One thought on “Is Your Running Fun?

  1. I’m preparing for I enjoy running, for me is not a “no pain, no gain” activity. The most that I enjoy is knowing places while running. Usually, I don’t receive the kits before the race (shirts, hydration products) or medals of every race, pictures are enough for me, but I like to go the post running celebration with my friends and check in the expo the next unknown place that has a half marathon or 10k as motive to travel and run again

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