Best Post-Run Bloody Marys and Tator Tots

When your team name is “Running Lushes”, you should know a thing or two about the post-run food and drinks.  We often plan the end of our runs to finish at bars that have Bloody Marys, sliders and tator tots.  Here are the top picks!bloody marys after rattlesnake ramble

Underdogs – The Taco Shop, San Francisco, CA – this sports bar and famous taco shop on Irving @ 19th ave makes this a perfect ending to a run in Golden Gate Park.  Order a the taco “Nick’s Way” and a spicy Bloody Mary.  They also have pretty good sangria, solid beer list and there is always a game or 10 on the many TVs.

San Jose Bar & Grill, San Jose, CA – This sports bar was a Running Lushes post-race tradition for the San Jose Rock n Roll half marathon until this year when they changed their hours and are now closed on Sundays (what sports bar isn’t open for Sunday football? — get it together SJBG).  Before that, we highly recommended them for their spicy Bloody Marias and Marys, extensive tap list and tator tots!   Alternative to SJBG, is Smokeaters, while they only serve beer and wine, they do have a ‘large’ size beer offerings, pitchers and tator tots!

Southwest Airlines – Now we aren’t going to say this is the go to spot for gourmet drinks, but this is the airline that delivered us to several destination races in 2017.  You can count on Southwest to have Bloody Marys on hand in exchange for your drink coupon.  And if there is any delay in the flight, our experience is that they will comp you the drink.

47 hills brewing

47 Hills Brewing, San Bruno, CA – while tator tots and Bloodys are not featured here, they do have a great beer and cider list (brewed on premises) and a killer steak sandwich and fries.  The people are friendly and it has a good vibe.  This is a hidden gem that is a perfect ending to a long run on the Bay Trail in South San Francisco.

bloody marys in san diego

Cafe 21, Diego, CA – This may be our top hit for Bloodys after the San Diego Rock n Roll races.  They may not have tator tots, but they have several types of Bloody Marys and you can make a meal out of the garnishes alone.  If that isn’t enough, their breakfast skillets are hearty and very good after a race!


The Yard House, Los Angeles, CA, but other locations exist as well – If you like a spicy Bloody Mary with lots of garnish, this is your place.  Their spicy Bloodys come with a crisp maple bacon slice that is the perfect texture and sweetness to complement the other flavors. They also come with a beer shooter!

Don Pistos, San Francisco, CA –  We stumbled upon this North Beach gem after a 20 miler. They feature down home Mexican food + bottomless Bloodys and Mimosas (which you can mix and match). I think we may have stayed here longer than our run…and thus cannot find any pictures!

IMG_1255Vdara Lobby Bar, Las Vegas, NV  Why yes, you can get your run on in Vegas! This hotel (not casino) is tucked off the strip behind The Cosmopolitan. In fact, there is even a little running path that goes straight to it.  The lobby bar made great Bloodys with plenty of garnish (the bartender put one of everything in it). Their breakfast french-toast sticks were pretty tasty too.

Flat Iron, San Rafael, CA – Pop in here after exploring and running the trails and hills of China Camp State Park and treat yourself to a homemade special Bloody recipe, homebrew and truffle tator tots.  Their portions are generous so if you get the nachos, find someone to share with. Bonus points if you put your tots ON TOP of the nachos.

Other Notable Mentions:  These may not be our first stop, but they all get stars for their Bloodys.  Irish Bank, San Francisco, CA, Fiddler’s Green, Milbrae, CA, The Pub, San Francisco, CA.

Do you have a favorite watering hole after your runs? Shout out in the comments if there is a place we need to check out!

Spicy Bloody Mary at Home Recipe

If you can’t get to a bar, roll your own!  All measurements are approximate. Just start throwing stuff in and taste often.

32 oz tomato juice (or you can buy premix)

16 oz + vodka

1 tsp horseradish

1 tsp celery seed

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp Siracha

1/2 tsp ground coriander

few shakes of Tabasco sauce

few shakes of Worcestershire sauce

Pour in pitcher and stir ingredients to taste.  Pour in highball over ice and garnish with a celery stick, 1 lime and 1 lemon slice (squeeze in), olives, salami, pickle spear (bonus points for picked okra), quarter gilled cheese for dipping.

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