Running Lushes Christmas List aka what every runner wants!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been REALLY good boys and girls this year! The Running Lushes launched a website, hit some PRs, were first time pacers and now Represent Running Ambassadors!  We made a list and checked it twice and think these would be perfect for our stocking… or gifts for any runner. 

Santa, work your magic!

1. GarminFenix 5 (or 5s for smaller wrists) or the Vivoactive 3 for a slightly more budget friendly option.  We’ve been agonizing over which model (must upgrade from fitbit flex) but you cannot go wrong with either.  These are both brand-new models and technology this year and capture more data than you will ever probably use!  They both come with a “commitment” price tag so comparison shop to find the deals

my sad fitbit

2. Instant Pot – great for cooking up healthy pre and post run meals in a snap.  We have read all the reviews, done all the comparisons, and think the Instant Pot Duo Plus 6qt is the best bet for the money.  If you have a large family or often cook in bulk, go for the Duo 8qt.  Comparison shop for this too because you can find some good sales.

3. Race Entry – We would love it if someone gave us gift card to be used for entry into a race!   If you have someone just starting to run, this would be a great motivator and a really thoughtful gift to show that you “get” them.  Represent Running actually has a “buy as a gift” option on their race registrations –  408k.  We love this!


4. Bib Ties – We love these so we don’t have to destroy our Running Lushes race shirts with pins!  They are super cheap so you can buy a few sets as spares.  You can put them on almost any athletic belt/band.  As a surprise, wrap them in an empty nuun container.  Also, throw in some nuun as both of these things make great stocking stuffers.

5. Running Socks – who doesn’t love new running socks?  We sure do and seems like we always need a new pair after the dryer eats a few.  Our favorites at the moment are BalegaFeetures and Stance Runningimg_5185

6. Sports Massage – what is better post-race than a nice, relaxing massage for those sore muscles?  A beer, but that makes a lame gift. Instead, go yelp sport massage places near you and get your runner some pampering.  Sasquatch Racing swears by Psoas Body Work here in the Bay Area, and we are hoping some sweet gift-giver clicks that link to buy a session for us!

7. Runner’s World Box – this is the one gift that all runners secretly want, but won’t splurge for themselves. Be the gift hero and sign us/them up!

8. Medal Display Hanger/Hooks – We worked hard for our bling and want to be able to proudly display it!  Unfortunately, we aren’t very artsy and we’d rather be running so those cute Pinterest ornaments made out of medals isn’t happening.  This is why a medal hook is very appreciated.  Sport Hooks and Allied Medal Hangers have some good options. Be sure to get one with a lot of space…a lot!img_5183

9. Run Fast Eat Slow – This book by badass New York Marathon winner Shalane Flanagan is on our 2018 reading list.  Of course our New Year resolution is to change our diet and running habits to be able to run like her.

10. This list would not be complete if we didn’t mention the holiday spirit..and no, we don’t mean doing good (this shouldn’t have to be said).  We mean, SPIRITS!  The Running Lushes are hoping to find some Brewt’s Bloody Mary Mix under our tree! These folks have been tempting us over on Instagram and we cannot wait to try it. Don’t forget the Titos Vodka!  Your over 21 runners would probably also appreciate a spirit or wine gift basket. Find out their beverage of choice and put a bow on it.

We will leave out cookies and milk and some carrots for the reindeer so hurry down the chimney!

But just in case the big guy is busy, we’re sending this post to our friends and family and posting on Instagram as a back up.  If you are a runner, I suggest you do the same and print it out to circle YOUR favorites.  For those shopping for runners, thank us later (see #10).


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