Running in a Costume?

layne and kat costumesHave you ever wondered…who ARE those people running races in costume?

When you think about it, there are two types of races for costume-clad runners:  One is the type of race that is really a just a costume party with a little bit of running.  Think about Bay to Breakers, if you’re walking (or partying) the whole thing, you can be a little more flexible in the type of costume you’re wearing.  You see all kinds of costumes, including people running totally naked.

Then there are the races where you see people wearing costumes and RUNNING a regular race.  I ran The San Francisco Marathon and witnessed a couple of interesting costume choices.  One was a shark I’ve seen in other road races — a full body-covering shark costume.  And the other was two guys running as Papa John’s Pizza delivery guys.  These guys ran a half marathon in khaki pants, red polo shirts and pizza boxes (with a handle to hold it over their heads).  I couldn’t help but wonder how that could possibly be comfortable.

As the Running Lushes prepare for the Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon, we had the opportunity to look into running costumes.  The event is the weekend before Halloween, and costumes are encouraged and included in many of the promotional race photos.  Since we plan on actually running 13.1 miles, we had to carefully consider our running attire.  We had to think about comfort, breathability, chafing, and all of the things a runner always tries to think about, but this time with a costume in mind.

The good news is that there are entire companies that specialize in running costumes!  Who knew?

Tough Girl Tutus –  if you are looking for running tutus, these are well done, reasonably priced and ship fast!  We found them to size on the smaller side so inquire with the owner to be sure of correct sizing.  We especially love built in race bib ties.

Gone for a Run – has an extensive selection of tutus and matching running attire.  We haven’t ordered from here before but will update this page with any findings if we do.

Amazon and Etsy are also great places to search for unique pieces to accessorize your look.

Want to do it yourself – websites like logosportswear allow you to create your own designs on athletic gear and give discounts for multiples.  Pinterest is also a great place to find inspiration.

Remember you don’t have to go overboard to have a great costume, you just have to wear it with confidence — even if you are in your birthday suit!

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